The NodeSec QuickSupport utility allows us to temporarily access the system it's run on.

(No installation required)

This allows a technician quick access to your system by opening the program for each new session and providing the unique ID number and randomly generated password.

The NodeSec Host utility allows us to set up automated access on the system it's installed on.

This allows a technician quick and seamless access to your system for on-demand and hassle-free support without the need to open the app and provide a new random password everytime.


Does This Allow Anybody To Enter My System?

No, only those who you give your ID and password to may enter your system. Once you've shut down the program, they will no longer be able to enter.

With the TeamViewer QuickSupport, a new password is generated each time it is opened, meaning nobody can use an old password to connect.

Can You Connect Without My Permission?

NodeSec technicians can configure some TeamViewer clients to utilise a backdoor password that only we know, when discussed with a client.

This allows us to work unhindered outside of work hours, while a client is away or on unattended servers.

How Do I Know Who Is On My System?

If you're ever unsure about who is accessing your PC with TeamViewer, check for the connection box on the bottom right of your screen, it will show who is currently connected at any given time, you may also chat with the technician via this utility amongst other handy features!

How Do I Know This Isn't A Scam?

NodeSec Australia is a professional and official business registered in Australia.

Our ABN is 72 949 819 686

NodeSec Australia take home and business privacy / security very seriously and strive to ensure our customers are kept in a safe state at all times.