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Disaster Recovery

Have you considered how your business would be impacted if your Server failed? How long would it take to get a replacement component, or worst still an entire new Server?

With Disaster Recovery, you don't need to worry about excessive downtime, as our solutions can not only back up your critical systems, but also virtualise them locally or in the cloud should disaster strike.

BCDR Device - Backups

We install a local BCDR device on-site that connects to your critical systems and backs them up. Your data is stored on the BCDR device and also synced with a secure data centre in Sydney.


BCDR Device - Virtualisation

Depending on your BCDR device and the way your critical system has been implemented, you may be able to use a recent backup to virtualise the failed system locally on the BCDR device or through the cloud and be back up and running in no time.

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Let's Work Together

We'd love to work with you!


If you are not happy with your current I.T Managed Service Provider, or don't have one, then reach out to us and we'll see to it that you're looked after properly.

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