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Cyber Security

Every business should have a well thought out approach to their Cyber Security. The world of digital crime only grows more prevalent and sophisticated each passing day and businesses who have gotten away with ignoring Cyber Security in the past are falling victim to attacks they never thought they'd be involved in.

Managed Documentation

We use a secure platform dedicated to the storage and sharing of sensitive technical information. We advocate for our clients to utilise this service with us when we come onboard as the best way to securely handle information sharing. No longer would sensitive information need to be spoken, emailed or texted directly.


Endpoint Protection

Our Endpoint Protection provides multi-layered next gen features to protect your business systems. We are able to remotely monitor and manage the service to ensure all deployed Endpoint Protection is kept updated, and all systems clean from threats. We are also able to deploy new features when they are made available.


DNS Filtering

Our DNS Filtering feature is a great way to manage web access within your business. We can stop staff from visiting certain types of websites, including any that are flagged as malicious in nature, helping to improve productivity and increase security posture.


Online Risk Management

Our Risk Management offering tests your business periodically against on an on-going schedule of phishing campaigns and other targeted malicious acts.


Users who fall victim to the testing can be brought up to speed on their results and how they can improve moving forward. This helps to drastically reduce the likelyhood of staff compromising your business privacy and data.


We can also monitor your domain name(s) for any breaches / leaks out on the dark web, as well as provide training courses for staff to better understand the threats to look out for.


Remote Monitoring & Management

Our RMM platform allows us to integrate closely with your technical environment, enabling us to manage Windows Updates, Application Updates, Application Hardening, System Policies and more. This ensures your computers are up to date, secure and running as efficiently as possible.


System Lockdown

Securing yourself from external threats is just as important as securing yourself from internal threats. We make recommendations on ways your computers could be more secure from both the online and local perspectives. Privelage restriction and escalation of Windows user accounts, USB port lockdowns and more can limit the risk factors you otherwise face by giving yourself and staff full access to your business computers.

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Let's Work Together

We'd love to work with you!


If you are not happy with your current I.T Managed Service Provider, or don't have one, then reach out to us and we'll see to it that you're looked after properly.

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