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Internet & VoIP

We have a range of internet and telecom solutions that we can provide clients through our trusted partner.


A vetting process was conducted to help with our decision choosing a provider that we felt could be trusted to look after our clients.

It was also important that we had the ability to work alongside the chosen provider, ensuring we could provide additional support where necessary.


You can feel confident that your internet connection and VoIP system are in the best hands.

Cloud Hosted PBX

Cloud Hosted PBX is a virtual phone system that uses VoIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol) to provide an economical business-grade phone system. It is compatible with standard numbers as well as 13, 1300 and 1800.


It allows efficient deployment of phone lines through the internet and offers a plethora of configurable settings for your own custom integration, enabling a future-proof system to scale with your business needs.


nbn™ TC4 (Traffic Class 4)

nbn™ TC4 is designed primarily for general internet and standard data services and has the following features:

  • Available across all access technologies.

  • Asymmetrical wholesale download and upload speeds

  • A ‘best effort’ service suitable for non-critical business data applications

These services are available with a 4G/5G failover solution, so that if your NBN connection goes down, you can still rely on the mobile cell towers.


nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet

nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet (EE) is a premium product designed to meet business-critical applications.

nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is engineered to have fewer points of connection/aggregation, which minimises points of potential failure.


Additionally, there is a lack of significant equipment placed above ground that can be more readily damaged by physical or environmental factors.

These services are available with a 4G/5G failover solution, so that if your NBN connection goes down, you can still rely on the mobile cell towers.


4G & 5G Mobile Broadband

4G Mobile Broadband provides you 98.5% coverage over Australia for when you are not at home or in the office. 4G Mobile Broadband is not just for on the move, you can even use 4G Mobile Broadband as an office or home based internet service should another suitable broadband solution not be available in your area.


5G SIMs provide broadband-like speeds in locations where nbn is not an option. The 5G Wireless Broadband service offered through us provides you a minimum 50 megabits download speed.


Both services use the Optus Wholesale Network, allowing for allocation of static IP addresses and port forwarding for business applications.


So Much More...

Our internet and telecom partner unlocks access to a huge range of services, ensuring every client gets the internet and phone integrations they require.

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Let's Work Together

We'd love to work with you!


If you are not happy with your current I.T Managed Service Provider, or don't have one, then reach out to us and we'll see to it that you're looked after properly.

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