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Technical Support

Cyber Security

Data Protection

Customer Service

  On-site and remote support for your business technologies.  

  Ensure your devices and networks are secured properly.  

  I.T Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery plans.  

  We love working with our clients and always aim to overdeliver.  

Let's get your business sorted.

Let Your Technology Protect and Empower

Today, technology is at the heart of every business, in every industry.


It has never been a better time to equip your business with an I.T Managed Service Provider. Delegating your business's technical needs to a professional means all the important key technical areas of running a business are covered, as well as future thinking solutions that can empower your business and workflows.

Your success is our success. Your technology should work for you, it should be reliable and it should be secure. Your technology should make life easier and give you options. This is what we provide for your business.

Cloud Apps and Services

Level up your business with an upgrade to secure cloud infrastructures.


Designed to boost your productivity, simplify your workflow and increase your security - there's no surprise everybody is switching.

Endpoint Protection and DNS Filtering

Cyber criminals are more prevalent than ever, and their methods of gaining access to your systems are becoming increasingly more sophisticated.

We use industry leading products to remotely monitor and manage the security of all your business systems. This makes it easier than ever to ensure you're minimising the potential for security risks.

Data Backup and Redundancy

Phishing and ransomware attacks increased by up to 10x more than other types of security threats in 2021 alone.

We provide a range of solutions to help ensure that your data is stored both reliably and out of the hands of cyber criminals.

Maximum Effort Customer Service

Nobody likes bad customer service. Yet it seems to be so commonplace these days.


We pride ourselves on the friendly and open business relationships we build with our clients.


Quality over Quantity.
Impeccable Reliability.

NodeSec Australia has a mission; to deliver quality and value with clear communication and transparency to our clients. We are passionate about technology and want to keep businesses both secure and up to date in a constantly evolving technological world.

We support clients locally and remotely throughout NSW. We listen to our client's needs, we adapt and we help them wherever we can. Technology is too complex to be inflexible. We know and respect that our clients are not computer geeks, and we aim to fill those gaps with a friendly smile and exceptional service.

We place a high value on customer service, quality solutions and a job well done.

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Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Business?

By now we hope you understand what we're all about - elevating and empowering businesses technologically, with great customer service and communication.

We would love to do the same for yours, giving you the tools to grow your business while we take care of the technical back-end.

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