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Managed Email, Cloud Storage, Calendar & More

NodeSec Australia is a Microsoft partner and indirect reseller.


One of our most popular services is Microsoft 365, providing leading class business email, calendar management, contact syncing and more.


We take care of the platform for our clients, including billing, modifications, user and license management.


Managed Backup & Redundancy

NodeSec Australia have partnered with Datto for their excellent products in the backup sector. Specialising in both the Small Business and Enterprise spaces, you can keep your data safe with a managed backup and redundancy plan. We provide backup solutions for computer systems and SaaS solutions, meaning you can ensure the data on your computers and cloud platforms like Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace are kept safe.


The solutions we provide are monitored and comply with all data privacy laws and regulations, so you can rest easy.



Managed Threat Protection & Remediation

NodeSec Australia provides a fully managed security offering that is class leading.

Compared to traditional A/V solutions, this product offers a better threat detection engine and can be managed remotely by us for easy management of granular settings and monitoring of security status, updates, threat detection and more!



Remote Monitoring & Management

NodeSec Australia utilises a Remote Monitoring & Management platform that allows for tighter integration with our clients. Through our RMM platform, we can monitor and manage client endpoints all in one place, ensuring they don't fall behind. We provide a range of benefits through this service including device update management, hardware health checks, hardware performance checks, maintenance tasks and more.


It doesn't end there, our RMM platform is constantly evolving, and with it so does the value and benefit that your devices receive. Each client has their own RMM account with a custom configuration for their environment.



Complete System Maintenance

NodeSec Australia now offers a complete peace of mind solution for clients who want to fix their I.T support budget. Introducing Complete System Management (CSM).

CSM is billed per month, per device.

The package we offer provides the following benefits:

• Unlimited Technical Support (extending to Network and Peripherals)

• Managed Threat Protection & Remediation

• Remote Monitoring & Management


Data Recovery & Drive Repair

NodeSec Australia is able to recover data from failing drives. The first solution should always be restoring data from a healthy backup solution, however failing that we can always resort to extracting data from the failing drive instead.

Should a drive be so badly damaged that it requires repair, we work with specialists in the data recovery industry who can attempt a physical repair of the drive in order to salvage data.


Maximum Effort Customer Service

It's no secret that when it comes to dealing with I.T technicians, communication can be difficult. We believe communication and transparency is key to building trust and healthy relationships so take comfort that when you are working with NodeSec technicians you will be talking to people you can understand - and who understand you.


We receive a lot of praise about our communication and prompt responses, however we know nobody is perfect. You can let us know where we can improve at any time by clicking on the survey link in our email signatures.



Not all businesses are on the same page, we know this, we've seen this. Your business needs will be different to even another in the same industry, so we won't sell you products and services you don't need, no blanket solutions or generic advice. We look at where your business is and make recommendations based on your environment. That's the way that it should be.


Hardware Procurement

CPU, RAM, GPU, HDD, SSD and more - these acronyms represent the major components in a computer, each one playing a unique and important role in how your computer operates. Even comparing what appears to be identical hardware is not always as easy as it seems. Outdated and generic software installations from the factory can leave you with a new computer that is problematic under the hood, requiring optimisation and repair before you start.

With NodeSec Australia as your hardware procurer these problems become a thing of the past. We source and build products that are suitable for your specific business needs, to ensure you're not buying a race car to drive to the shops. As a bonus we offer a setup service to get your system(s) configured and ready for your particular business and / or employees to use. From your perspective we ensure it's just 'plug and play'.